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– Discerning between the two terms by Submission Package

In the web world SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) and SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) are two terms that may often seem to represent the same meaning. In fact many a times people tend to use them interchangeably. So is there really a difference between these terms? Contrary to popular belief, there is a big difference between them. Apart from the fact that they differ in their meanings, their techniques also differ considerably. The term SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) stands for Search Engine Marketing while by SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) we mean Search Engine Optimization.

SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) is a term used in the broad sense, whereas SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is a small part of the whole, which in this case is SEM.

In laymen terms SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) or Search Engine Marketing can be described as the use of marketing proficiencies online to enhance the visibility of your site and in turn increase your take home. Thus SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) refers to the advertisements or the banner ads that appear on the top or the right hand side of the search results page. SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) involves target marketing and advertising that includes

1) Paid Inclusions: In Paid Inclusions website owners pay search engines to make their site easily visible. This is a preferred option with those who have the capacity to pay as they are guaranteed that their websites will get faster and adequate visibility online.

2) Traditional Advertisements: In this method, advertisements are placed on the search engine result pages. Here you pay based on the number of times your advertisement appears. Obviously this can prove to be quite expensive and may or may not get you the desired traffic for your website.

3) PPC (Pay per Click): These advertisements follow the maxim of PPC (Pay per Click) implying that you have to pay as and when your advertisement is clicked upon. This provides you with total control over your money, how you wish to spend it and which websites you wish to target in the process. The search engines of Google and Overture are the two main engines for PPC Ads. However in Google the PPC Ads work contrary to the standard convention. Here the more clicks your ad receives the less you have to pay. Google believes that the most clicked and thereby most relevant ads should be rewarded with lesser prices and so this system. Overture however follows the procedure of bidding. The higher the bid, the better the chances of your website gaining top spot.

4) Social Media Marketing: SMM or social media marketing involves social networking on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Setting up your profile on LinkedIn and other such sites, blog creation and participating in discussions in forums. This technique is one of the most exploited in today’s scenario, where Social Media Sites have taken the web world by storm.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) on the other hand is a technique whereby the ranking of websites is improved in the search engines result page. This is obtained by focusing on two key components, those being, On Page Optimization and Off Page Optimization. On page optimization involves keyword density, optimization of titles, Meta tags and html coding. Off page optimization deals with amount of incoming links, quality of the sites that link to your site, keywords, and how relevant are these sites that get linked.

The most prominent difference between the two is that SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) gives quick and almost assured results. However SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) is a long drawn process and requires a lot of patience and constant monitoring to get the desired results. It may take a considerably long time for you to be able to notice a sizable difference. SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) is thus more expensive than SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) for its quick outcomes. In spite of this distinction yet both SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) are interrelated. SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) helps to divert traffic to your website but the crucial factor that determines whether the site is worth visiting is that played by SEO. So while SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) makes a person just click to visit the site, SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) determines whether the site has the necessary information and if it will be revisited in future. SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) techniques thus aim to make a user friendly website.

SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) are both techniques directed at increasing website visibility and traffic thereby leading to product promotion. The whole aim is to generate profits as desired by the company.

If you are wondering of the more feasible option between SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and SEO, then here are some tips that may prove useful.

As mentioned earlier SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) provides instant results. The flipside of this is that if your ads are not optimized well, you may end up paying a lot more than you may have planned for. So your conversion rate may actually be slower than the amount spent to bring about the same resulting in an obvious loss.

On the other hand SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) though a time consuming process, uses the best practices to help your site rankings increase. Good on Page Optimization coupled with strong content will help to create and build a strong site. This will ensure that those visiting the site will gain much benefit and thereby guarantee their continuous patronage. However many a times the slow progress may be a deterrent for some.

Whatever the case, choosing between SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) should be a careful and well thought out process. A thorough research should be done before taking the final plunge. Ultimately your aim should be to make the best of both the options available to you. Finally SEM (SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING) and SEO (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) coupled together go on to give your website that competitive edge that is a prerequisite in global markets today.

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